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Irrigation is one of the most important agricultural inputs for the assured crop production. The effect of other inputs like seeds, fertilizers increases, if the quality, quantity and timely irrigation are made available. The over irrigation, not only have the adverse effect on the crop production, but also deteriorate the fertility of the soil due to ingress of the salinity. The water used in the irrigation is not only scare and precious, but cost effective too. This became more relevant in the dried and arid regions, where the water shortage is a common phenomenon. The use of water in the irrigation needs special attention. The large quantity of water is being wastages in the traditional flood irrigation. The micro irrigation systems which not only save the water, but also increases the crop yield, reduces the cost of the cultivations and do not develop favorable conditions for the growth of the pests and diseases. Due to such advantages, the micro irrigation systems are also well recognized by the farmers, but due to heavy initial investment, it may take some time to adopt by the farmers on the large scale in Asian countries in general and India in particular. In micro irrigation systems, water is being applied to the plants though conduit pipes and micro holes and pores under pressure. Therefore, the efficiency of the micro irrigation systems is largely depends up on the cleanness of the water used. Any impurities in the water, like sand, clay, dust, biological waste, algae may clogged the micro holes, perforations and pores, which effects on the efficiency of the system. Therefore the clean water is a prerequisite for efficient working of the system. The better performance of the system is achieved only through efficient filtration of the water.

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Lawar Engineering Carporation Pvt.Ltd.


LAWAR ENGINEERING CARPORATION PVT.LTD is Established in May 2017 as a Pvt. Ltd. company our Branding authorized trademark LEC INDIA our aim is that we engaged in design & manufacturing exporting high quality drip irrigation filters , our operation being led by Mr. Rahul lawar his extensive experience in in this field & he is graduate of mechanical engineering in pune university .our product range include compressor tank, industrial water softeners micro irrigation filters screen filter, sand filter ,hydro cyclone filter, fertilizer tanks. so our aim to supply filtration unit in atomization with affordable price.



To maintain & growing up Leadership by being the Largest and most Diversified micro irrigation filters Company in India through Total Quality, Latest Technology and the Best Customer Service.


To earn affection of customers by delivering superior experience and value, thereby making them our ambassadors. Driving competitiveness by operating our businesses at benchmark levels. Executing projects safely with predictable benchmark quality, cost and time.


Create synergistic effect by creating high quality and diversified portfolio. Provide diversified financial services with focused people. Appreciate uniqueness of each customer’s requirements and serve the customers with product flexibility. Enhance Corporate value through sustained growth.

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